7 Heartwarming Videos of Dads Returning from War

With Veteran's day just around the corner, our thoughts are with America's soldiers abroad and their spouses left behind. There is one moment we can all appreciate: the unmistakable, unbridled joy of a soldier returning home to their family. Tear-jerkers ahead!

Did someone order a hero in a box?
This soldier dad gives his kids a bit of a scare, but it doesn't stop them from welcoming him with a giant hug!

Duaghter on the phone with soldier dad, doesn't know he's already home
Maybe someone should pinch this little girl so she knows she's not dreaming!

Santa Delivers Wish for Soldier's Daughter
This little girl asked for two things for Christmas: a blue truck and her daddy.

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Dad, Home on Leave, Surprises Kids
The high-pitched chorus of "Daddy!" when this soldier surprises his five children is just too much.

A Soldier's Gift
You might want to keep the tissues nearby for this one.

Soldier Surprises Daughter at School
Dad surprises his daughter at her middle school; he's so choked up during the interview, he can't even speak.

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Best Reaction Ever This girl gives one of the biggest jaw-drop responses we've seen.

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