7 Legendary Pumpkin Carvings

A few famous faces, in pumpkin-form submitted by TOH readers! Enjoy! Enter your own carving creating into our 2011 pumpkin carving contest to win $500!

1. Alfred Hitchcock by Ken K. in Farmington, UT

He says, "One of my favorite patterns is Alfred Hitchcock....and this is what it looks like carved with a Dremel tool on a foam pumpkin. The pattern was found at stoneykins.com."

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2. Edgar Allen Poe by Melody M. in Dallastown, PA

She says, "I bought a white pumpkin at a local fruit stand, and carved this portrait of Edgar Allen Poe using tools from a clay kit."

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3. I Love Lucy by Laura E. in Concord, CA

She says, "The top of the pumpkin was cut with a standard pumpkin-carving knife. The inside was scooped/scraped out with a large spoon. The drawing was transferred onto the pumpkin using the tip of an embossing tool. The image was carved out using an X-Acto knife (with 3 different sized blades) and a small melon baller. A stress ball was used to ease the hand-cramping."

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4. President Obama by Keyvin P. Sandy, UT

He says, "Found this template on the web, and thought I'd give it a try. First time trying the multi-shaded technique. Used a carving kit that you get at the grocery store and a couple clay modeling wire tools to scape the outer skin off."

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5. Einstein by Renelita M. in Parsippany, NJ

She says, "I carved out the inside and thinned out the walls. Then I used an X-Acto knife to carve out the top layer of the pumpkin skin. It took about 2 1/2 hours."

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6. Johnny Cash by Shane C. in Lockhart, TX

He says, "I carved this pumpkin as a tribute to the late Johnny Cash. I utilized a pattern I found on the internet and the standard Pumpkin Masters carving tools."

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7. Marilyn Monroe by Dan S. in Milwaukee, WI

He says, "This pumpkin is of one of my favorite movie stars Marilyn Monroe. She is carved onto a artificial pumpkin. I think she turned out great and I am proud to have her as part of my portfolio."