7 Most Hilarious Moments from the Golden Girls

Thank you YouTube for giving us the opportunity to see the legendary ensemble cast of Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, Betty White and the recently departed Rue McClanahan show off their comic genius, impeccable timing and priceless delivery. Check out these 7 great clips of this makeshift family here. It will make you miss them even more. At least we still have Betty White!

What happens when the Golden Girls try to go buy condoms.
Rose goofs and books Dorothy and Blanche on a show about Lesbian Lovers In Miami when they thought they were just doing a show about women who live together.

The Little Man in the Freezer.

On marriage equality

For the 3 funniest Golden Girls moments ever, head over to Babble---you'll thank us! Ah Blanche, you will be missed.


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