7 Most Insane Black Friday Moments

It's war out there. Of course we think that it could never happen to us. That we live no where near the brutal people that throw elbow jabs at elderly women, trample children, and pull out guns - but there's no telling what big Black Friday deals + mob mentality + sleep deprivation will do.

WalMart Stampede, 2008. The most famous Black Friday stampede, where a seasonal Walmart worker lost his life after being trampled to death.

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Walmart Shut-Down, 2009. To prevent a tragedy like the year before, a WalMart in California kicked out a rowdy bunch of Black Friday shoppers for over two hours, which caused them to pound on the doors and look for side entries into the store.

Toys 'R Us Double Shooting, 2008. This is another infamous Black Friday incident, in which two dads shot each other dead in front of their wives and kids. Authorities didn't think it was related to Black Friday sales, but still.

Elderly Man Shot for TV. Here's a good one. A 64-year-old man in Queens was shot (and survived) for his Black Friday TV. But when the robbers couldn't fit the oversized box into their car, they left it in the street. Apparently they didn't think that one through.

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Gun Threat, 2010. This 21 year old tried to cut in front of "several hundred" Toys 'R Us shoppers in Wisconsin, and then when confronted, threatened to shoot the crowd. Why? Because she wanted to get a toy for her daughter.

Target Trample, 2010. Several shoppers were trampled in North Buffalo, New York, including one man who was seriously injured.

Family Heist, 2007. A young couple and his mother plotted a post-Black Friday heist, in which they stole over $7 million from an armored truck stocked with Black Friday retail money. Needless to say the FBI caught 'em.

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