7 Reasons mosquitoes love you

You're not crazy - you might be a magnet for these annoying insects. Stop scratching and read these seven common reasons they just can't get enough of you.

1. You always wear dark colors. Mosquitoes evolved to hunt for mammals, whose hides and fur are typically dark, says entomologist Grayson Brown, PhD. During field experiments, Brown's lab workers wear white-a less attractive shade.

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2. You spritz on floral fragrance. Mosquitoes also feed on flower nectar for energy to fly and sting. Smell too much like a rose and they'll mistake you for one.

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3. You unwind with beer. A recent French study found that beer drinkers attracted 63% more mosquitoes than water sippers. The alcohol affects breath and body odor; more research is needed on other types of alcohol, like wine and cocktails.

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4. You're pregnant. Mothers-to-be are twice as attractive as their nonpregnant counterparts, according to researchers. Women in late stages of pregnancy will exhale at a volume of 21% more, attracting the carbon dioxide- and moisture-loving mosquitoes. They also tend to have slightly higher body temperatures, which may help mosquitoes to detect them more easily.

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5. You love a good bird bath. Even small amounts of standing water-like the overflow in a flowerpot or a puddle from the rain-can attract mosquitoes. To cut down on unwelcome backyard visitors, get rid of unnecessary water, change bird bath water at least once a week, cut grass regularly, and keep swimming pools covered when you're not using them.

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6. You're a night owl. Mosquitoes are most active during evenings, nighttime, and dawn, when they tend to go "hunting" for their next meal. Eat your nighttime snack inside to avoid becoming one yourself.

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7. You're working up a sweat. Scientists at Yale University have found that mosquitoes can pick up a chemical in human sweat. It can also make your repellent wear off faster, so be sure to reapply.

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