7 Reasons Why Cyber Monday Beats Black Friday

7 Reasons Why Cyber Monday is Better Than Black Friday 7 Reasons Why Cyber Monday is Better Than Black Friday With another Cyber Monday today, the debate continues as to whether the live retail experience is better or yields deeper savings than its online counterpart. In a recent survey of 100 online moms, we found that comfort and speed are the top reasons for sticking with cyber stores to complete your shopping this year.

Here are 7 reasons for going with online to shop versus driving to your local mall:

1.) You don't have to travel!
You can't beat the ease with which you can simply go from place to place online. If you have a strong broadband connection like FIOS - you can walk from store to store without having to find a new parking spot.

2.) You can purchase items with the click of a button.
Traditionalists will argue that touching that sweet leather on the Bottega Venetta you're entertaining for your BFF is best purchased after you touch it - but I say, I can imagine the sweetest scent of soft Italian leather easily and without the crowds online and just click SHOP!

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3.) You avoid the riff raff.
By this term I mean the die-hard shoppers - the ones that touch everything, unfold everything, smell everything and then leave it behind crumpled and dirty. When you're online, you just don't have to deal with the absolute last copy of Breaking Dawn or a Couple Shades of Gray which also happens to have lost it's cover.

4.) You don't have to wait in line.
I don't know anyone who likes standing in line and THIS is an essential part of shopping in the live retail environment this time of year - you WILL be standing in line - and if you're not there for the "networking" opportunities - online will save you the trouble!

5.) You'll save big!
It's easier now than ever to find savings online than offline. All you have to do is visit a couple of sites that sell the item you're looking to buy and you will find a coupon or discount worth using. In the live retail environment, unless you have it with you, chances are that cashier at Bloomingdale's is not going to know what you're talking about!

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6.) Shopping is less stressful.
I don't know about you but between getting into the mall, parking, battling the crowds, elbowing shoppers, standing in line and ending up paying more than I wanted just to get-the-heck-out-of-there-time, stress is the no. 1 reason to avoid putting my body through this experience!

7.) You can shop and stay in your pajamas.
As my brother just pointed out, choosing the online route allows you to do all your shopping in the nude - I am not asking (him) any questions NOR would I post any pictures, but unless you're in San Francisco where I understand this kind of behavior is somewhat normal - shopping in the nude may prove THE reason for services such as SweetRelish.com or even Pinterest to give your loved ones a curated guide of your holiday wish list!

Are there any other reasons for loving Cyber Monday more than Black Friday? Share them with us here! We'd love to learn from you!

- By Monica Vila
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