7 Signs You Need to Get Off Twitter

That little blue bird looks so sweet and harmless, but she and her social media empire are capable of making you look like a total idiot.

By Zoe Ruderman

Twitter is capable of some pretty amazing things-disseminating news stories, starting political revolutions, helping celebs connect with fans, treating followers to nightly naughty sex tips. But it has its drawbacks too. And last week New York Congressman Anthony Weiner learned one of them the, uh, hard way. A picture of a man's erect junk in boxer-briefs was tweeted from his account at a college-aged woman on the other side of the country. He's denied that the twitpic is of him and he claims his account was hacked, but we may never know if it was Weiner's wiener or someone else's. Regardless, the scandal has created a media firestorm that some say could cost him his career. Which brings us to sign #1 it's time to leave Twitterverse...

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1. Your naughty bits make an appearance in your feed. Potential employers won't care if you meant to text the shot to your guy but accidentally uploaded it to Twitter or someone hacked your handle.

2. You'd consider live-tweeting childbirth. Singer Erykah Badu did just that, firing off things such as "I see the head, full of hair" that made us want to unfollow her stat...and send her a batch of those antibacterial phone wipes.

3. Your tweets aren't protected and you let your followers know where you are at all times. Honey, you're just asking for a break-in.

4. You've fallen victim to the tweet-what-you-eat trend. In other words, you can't sit through an entire meal (or even one course) without whipping out your phone and documenting what you're about to chow down on.

5. You're responsible for that trending topic #WhatMyPoopLooksLikeToday.

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6. You've gotten so good at expressing yourself in 140 characters or less that the year-end summary presentation you gave at work lasted only seven seconds.

7. You start having Twitter meltdowns like Chris Brown did a few years ago. When he visited a Walmart and couldn't find his new album, he tweeted, "I'm tired of this s---. Major stores r blackballing my CD. Not stockin the shelves and lying to costumers. What the f--- do I gotta do." And, "The industry can kiss my ass." Turns out the chain had stocked all of its stores with his new album and that particular store just happened to have been sold out of it at the time of his visit. @ChrisBrown put ur foot in ur mouth.

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