7 Simple Tricks for a Spring Home Makeover

Start the new season with these easy ideas for an instant home makeover.

1. S
tore Your Firewood Artfully
Out of season, stack your leftover wood in your fireplace until it's entirely full.

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2. Use a Real Rug in the Bathroom
Put a real rug, not a bathroom rug, in front of your bathroom sink. It will hold up just fine.

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3. Add a Little Bit of Wallpaper
Scared of the mess and work that installing wallpaper requires? Make it simple by choosing a small space, plus cut down on the cost by wallpapering the inside of your bedroom closet. Voila! Instant dressing room.

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4. Host a Flower Party
"Have a party where every guest is asked to bring a plant of one color - say, purple - for an instant garden with a little story of friendship behind each plant," suggests designer Raymond Waites.

5. Reorganize Bookshelves

Sort books by size and subject. Remove and discard any ripped dust jackets (unless you think they might have value). Line books, some vertically, some horizontally, in a rhythmic pattern. This will relieve the monotony of rows.

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6. Go Angular
"Consider setting the furniture - and the carpet - on an angle. It will change the whole dynamic of a room," says designer Vicente Wolf.

7. Paint the Ceiling

Paint the ceiling of a white room a pale, pale blue or gray. It will feel as if there's no ceiling at all.

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