7 Things Stay-At-Home Moms Want You to Know

7 Stay-At-Home Moms on 7 Stay-At-Home Moms on Today's post is dedicated to the stay-at-home mom. Me, I'm a work-at-home mom, but the distinction is hardly worth making. Whether your primary job involves being a kickass caretaker or kickass caretaker and financial earner, you're stupid-busy either way. There are misconceptions aplenty about how the stay-at-home mom fills her day: Maury, Bon Bons, and laziness being only three. Let's find out the truth straight from the source - in this case, 7 stay-at-home moms. Here's what they want you to know

It's a choiceIt's a choice1. It's a choice
"It's a choice. A hard one that = sacrifice. Not right for everyone. And that's ok. We need to stop judging."
@poundlounge via Twitter

It's a juggling actIt's a juggling act2. It's a juggling act
"It's not always easy work if you have two of three kids at home and one has a broken leg! work, play, work..."
@fingerfabrik via Twitter

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It's worth it It's worth it 3. It's worth it
"It is harder than any paid job I've had, more exhausting than any paid job I've had and more rewarding than any paid job I've had."
@beccatollefsen via Twitter

It isn't a vacation It isn't a vacation 4. It isn't a vacation
"It isn't a vacation. No coffee breaks or catered lunches :)"
@just_d_world via Twitter

It's not easy It's not easy 5. It's not easy
"It's not easy. Especially for those of us that work from home."
@MyMamihood via Twitter

It's misunderstood It's misunderstood 6. It's misunderstood
"DOMESTIC VIOLATION(v): Dangerous mistake of referring to a stay-at-home mom as someone who 'doesn't work'."
@KidDictionary via Twitter

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It's a job It's a job 7. It's a job
"To save your sanity you have to approach stay-at-home parenting like any other job, take your breaks and lunches."
@MamaQ5 via Twitter

- By Lori Garcia
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