7 Tips to Help You Survive a Travel Delay

How to make it through travel delaysHow to make it through travel delaysEveryone has their own areas of expertise. In my case, I travel for work on a regular basis and it has made me an expert on surviving being stuck in airports without going crazy. When most people are absolutely losing their minds at the shock of having travel delays, I'm almost completely relaxed. Here are some of my favorite tips on making the best of travel delays.

1. Expect delays

Seriously. I start every trip expecting at least one delay, gate change or cancellation. When all goes according to plan it is a happy surprise. It's all about our expectations right? I don't expect hippos to talk and I don't expect the airlines to ever get everything right.

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2. Buy the WiFi
I agree that airports with no free WiFi are a travesty. If you are stuck, you need WiFi to keep you from getting punchy, right? How else will you watch Netflix? Go ahead and buy the one day airport WiFi deal. It's worth it.

3. Treat yourself
Depending on what makes you happy, give yourself a treat. Have a cocktail? Grab some chocolate happiness at Godiva.

Me, I go for an ice cream cone. On a layover in Ghana I found the most delicious coconut ice cream I have ever had.

4. Get polished
In 30 minutes you can have a pedicure or a new manicure in most airports. If you are on a budget, you can paint your nails in the Ladies' room. I always carry a individual sized nail polish remover cloth, mini nail file and a cute color polish in my carry on. If you see a very tall woman painting her nails and using the Dyson automatic hand dryer to speed dry polish, that's probably me, do say hi.

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5. Humor yourself
Getting grumpy because you missed your flight is never helpful, airline agents will always give you a crappy flight time or seat next to the toilet if you are a jerk to them.

What can you do? Call a friend who cheers you up but you never call because she talks forever. Go ahead and call, you now have some unexpected free time.

Escape into the wonderful world of Pinterest. I can't be mad if I watch a slow Loris eating rice, or find some new ridiculous bad memes to pin. Here's my 'Chuckling to Myself' board.

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6. Take a photo walk
If I'm stuck somewhere I will take pictures with my phone that can be used as backgrounds for graphics later.

Many times I add text to my image all while stuck in the airport and can whip up a dandy blog post just.like.this.

7. People watch
Oh, C'mon, don't be shy. You know you do it, too. There's the serious business traveler, the parents apologetically trying to keep their kids from being kids, and couples on vacation wearing all kinds of funky getups! Take a few minute, put on your sunglasses and enjoy the people watching fun.

So next time you have to wait for hours, get stuck begging to fly stand by when your flight is cancelled or just have to wait a mind-numbingly long time at an airport; be good to yourself and try to have a little fun.

- By Alli Worthington

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