7 Unusual Fans to Keep Your Home Cool

As the mercury rises, it's all too easy to settle for a basic, boring fan. These inventive designs - from vintage-inspired to something straight out of the future - will blow you away.

1. Fitzgerald

This retro fan gives off a completely vintage vibe from the design to the bronze finish. It would look great in a room that also hosts your favorite worn-in leather chair. Even the name suggests that it once belonged in a Gatsby-esque era. Buy it here.

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2. Flowerpower

There's nothing girly, frilly, or even traditional about this import from Germany. The Flowerpower fan comes in a variety of bright colors, and now even a sleek solid silver finish. Any color you choose will instantly add funk to a room. Buy it here.

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3. Air Multiplier

The latest in fan technology from Dyson provides un-buffeted air quality. It's intriguing design is nothing to be scared about-it's completely bladeless and safe around kids, pets, and curious adults. Buy it here.

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4. Otto

Wood and wind unite beautifully to make the Otto fan. The wood, taken from the tropical Sapele tree in Africa, is durable enough for everyday use, while its warm tone would complement any summery and serene room. Buy it here.

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5. Cumulos

All eyes will turn up in fixation with this futuristic fan. It's functional and streamline design provides air, light, and mystique by slightly resembling a UFO. Buy it here.

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6. Arden

This charming fan sits comfortably on a tripod at 44 inches tall and comes in either an oil-rubbed bronze (shown) or a satin nickel finish. It adds an element of classical coolness to a space, and not just in a literal way. Buy it here.

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7. Max

This bright, cheery, red gadget is actually dual purpose. It's a cooling fan, as well as a heater. There's definitely a whimsical side to the colorful and contemporary piece. Buy it here.

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Which of these funky fans is your favorite?

--Lauren Gonzalez

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