7 Ways to Save Money on Books

7 places to save money on books7 places to save money on booksI am an avid reader. Fiction, non-fiction, chick lit, YA - I devour it all, on a daily basis. I've been called a bookworm for as long as I can remember, but I've been living frugal for nearly as long!

That means I can't rush to the store every time one of my favorite author's releases a new book. Not that I don't try now and then - Amazon pre-orders kind of rock my world. I usually hit the library.
I have to carefully track due dates, so we're not spending money on late fees, but it's the perfect solution to my book problem. I can get a giant stack of books to last me for weeks, and it doesn't cost me a thing!

Here are a few places to save on books.

The libraryThe library
1. The library
Of course, your local library is the first place you think of when you want to read without spending money on books. Watch for special fundraising or shelf-clearing sales where you can purchase books of your own at discount prices.

Yard salesYard sales
2. Yard sales
Sift through your neighbor's yard sale items to find low priced reading material. I usually sell my own for under $1 each - including 25¢ trashy romance novels. My friends had a nice peek into that little secret when we had our own yard sale last summer.

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Thrift stores
3. Thrift stores
Like yard sales, you'll find cheap books in thrift stores regularly. The stock changes often, courtesy of regular donations, so check back frequently if you're searching for something specific.

4. eBay
I find a lot of great deals on eBay, and books are no exception! The selection of books on eBay is totally dependent on the sellers and changes frequently.

5. Amazon
I find Amazon books to be the best prices on new items, but they also sell used books through third party sellers just like eBay. If a favorite author has a can't miss book coming out, the Amazon pre-order guarantee is your best bet for a great price.

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Half Price BooksHalf Price Books
6. Half Price Books
The best way to take advantage of the used book sales at Half Price Books is to buy and sell at the same time. We'll sell books the girls have outgrown or I've finished reading, then buy new (used) books for our collection. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

PaperBack SwapPaperBack Swap
7. PaperBack Swap
Now here is some true swapping! On PaperBack Swap, you'll earn credits for book sales and referrals that you can use to buy the books you want. I especially love that you can create a wishlist for alerts and auto-purchases of the books on you want.

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