8 DIY Upgrades for Under $100

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1. Add Carved Corbels Under Your Breakfast Bar

How to do it: Check salvage yards for Victorian-era ones with patina for an extra flourish in the eating area.

Estimated cost: Two 30-inch-high-by-19-inch-deep Queen Anne-style corbels, about 95; Capitol Salvage

2. Wallpaper a Door

How to do it: Use paper and paste left over from a big job to dress up door panels, letting stiles and rails frame the decoration. For slab doors, trace a shape on the back of the paper, cut it out, and center it on the door. Before you start, see TOH's expert tips on how to hang wallpaper.

Estimated cost: Nothing

3. Get a Stencilied Look in Your Kid's Room

How to do it: Decorate the walls with easy stick-on decals in fun animal shapes. For more kid's room inspiration, see our best kid's room before and afters of 2010.

Estimated cost: 22-by-30-inch elephant design, about $25; Janey Mac at Etsy

4. Switch Out Your Island Hardware

How to do it: Change the hardware on your kitchen island to give it the look of custom furniture. Leave the existing knobs and handles on the cabinets alone. If you're not sure what hardware to use, see our selection of cool cabinet pulls.

Estimated cost: Melon Knob and Melon Handle, about $26 for both; Anthropologie

5. Lock Up in Style

How to do it: Screw in vintage-look sash locks for a tight seal between double-hungs to prevent drafts.

Estimated cost: Bronze bamboo-pattern sash window lock as below, about $13; House of Antique Hardware

6. Add Vintage Sparkle

How to do it: Swap out a plain powder room doorknob for a vintage glass sparkler. Leave the hallway-facing knob in place for a unified look with the rest of your doors.

Estimated cost: Multifaceted 1900s glass knob with a brass shank that fits most spindles, about $38; Liz's Antique Hardware

7. Turn a Closet Into a Home Office

How to do it: Unhinge the door and trade hanging rods for shelves-a deep one for the desktop and two shallow ones above for storage. If storage space is tight during the holidays, see our holiday storage solutions here.

Estimated cost: One 20-by-24-by-¾-inch and two 12-by-24-by-¾-inch white melamine shelves, metal standards, and shelf brackets, all by Elfa, about $95; The Container Store

8. Add Floating Shelves

How to do it: Add floating wall-mount shelves in place of a bookcase to free up valuable floor real estate. The shelves' hidden hardware gives them a sleek, airy look. Also, see a step-by-step on adding wall-mounted shelves.

Estimated cost: 3-foot-long wood Chunky Wall Shelf, about $34 each; West Elm

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