8 Things You Will Never, Ever, Hear an Entrepreneur Say

10 Things You Will Never, Ever, Hear An Entrepreneur Say10 Things You Will Never, Ever, Hear An Entrepreneur Say

Welcome to Monday.

Working for yourself is a funny thing. It can be challenging, isolating, frighting and exciting…sometimes all in the same day.

When you run the show, you just can't walk up to your assistant and say, "I have no idea what I'm doing." Entrepreneurs don't have water coolers to meet around.

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For us, Twitter became a virtual water cooler, where we go to share the daily ups and downs of work. We also share them with each other. Being able to get a trusted opinion about a new project or decision from someone whose feedback you will actually take is a very special thing to have.

Sometimes on rough business days, we joke around about the many ways that all of this entrepreneur stuff could be worse.

So for all the entrepreneurs out there, here is our list of the Top 10 Things Entrepreneurs Never, Ever Say AKA 10 Reasons Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Awesome.

When you're an entrepreneur you never have to say:

1. "Uh-oh, looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays."
Ah Office Space, how we love you. Never is being an entrepreneur awesomer than Monday morning.

2. "It's Hawaiian shirt day!"
We challenge anyone, anywhere, anytime, who claims they wear a Hawaiian shirt willingly.

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3. "Thank God it's Friday."
We don't understand. So you have to work all day long for five days and then not at all for two…? What if you have a good idea on the weekend? For us, Friday just means that the grocery store will be busier tomorrow. LCBO or Walmart on a weekend. Rookie mistake.

4. "Thank God it's casual Friday!"
We're confused, is there something more casual than Lulu's and a hoodie? Scott prefers the Lulu anti-chafing shorts.

5. "Yay! A meeting about meeting frequency! I love meetings!"
Sure, we have meetings. Sometimes we even have meetings with each other. Often on patios. Generally they include laughter and little to no note taking.

6. "I hate that guy in accounting."
The very best thing about being an entrepreneur is getting to choose who we surround ourselves with. It isn't about money, or working fewer hours, the power of being an entrepreneur is control over who you work with.

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7. "I would love to go, but I can't get vacation."
Now this may mean you take your laptop to the beach. But we'd take 10 times on the beach a year with our laptops to none without them any day.

8. "I would love to try that, but I need to get approval from my boss first."
When you run the show and have an idea, you get to make it happen. Which is scary and wonderful and can be very intimidating. But in the end, it's within your grasp to see your ideas come alive.

What are your fave things about being an entrepreneur or your least favorite office expressions? We'd love to hear them! Extra points if they're about TPS reports…

- By Alison Kramer and Scott Stratten

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