9 life lessons we can learn from Harry Potter

The tale of Harry Potter is no doubt one of the most beloved stories of all time. The world, the characters and the stories are loved by people of almost every age. You might see a young school-goer reading it one day and an elderly woman another day. One of the most frequent (grossly incorrect) misconceptions about the books is that it is a "children's book" or you have to be a child to truly enjoy it. Not at all! The themes, stories and lessons in the book transcend age and that is why it is so loved.

9 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Harry Potter:


Even though Harry lives in a world of wizards and witches and incredibly amazing magic, love is the single most important factor, is what saved his life. When Lord Voldemort attacks his family, Harry's mother Lily sacrifices herself to save her only son and that sacrifice of love is so powerful that it saves Harry's life against the killing curse (making him the only one ever) and destroys Voldemort, one of the most powerful wizards of all time.

Lesson: Love is the most powerful force when it comes to defeating evil, not hate or anger.


Each of the 7 years Harry manages to achieve great things but none of it would have ever been possible if Harry didn't have his friends. Harry would have never gotten to the Sorcerer's stone if Ron didn't help him with chess, discover the basilisk without Hermione's infinite knowledge and brains, be able to breathe under water during the triwizard tournament without Neville's gillyweed and get Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem without Luna's assistance etc . Harry's friends are there for him every step of the way, including the final battle and none of his achievements would have been possible without them.

Lesson: We might be strong on our own but we are infinitely stronger when we have our friends by our side.


Even the magical world isn't free of discrimination. In Harry Potter's world some discriminate against mudbloods (those born of muggles -- aka non magical folk), werewolves, house elves and more. Like it is in our world, some wizards believed others to be inferior and unworthy just because they had non-magical parents or were a certain kind of had an infliction. In The Chamber of Secrets "mudbloods" were targeted and killed in order to purify Hogwarts. This misguided notion even ended up taking the life of Myrtle. Being of non-magical origin etc was no indication of what caliber witch or wizard a person was. Hermione Granger and Lily Evans (Harry's mother) were both born from non-magical parents but despite that they were two of the most intelligent and powerful witches of their times. Remus Lupin was a werewolf and a powerful wizard and teacher and Dobby the house elf managed to do great magic to keep Harry Potter away from Hogwarts.

Lesson: Never judge a person based on their race, color, origin or any conditions they suffer from.


Harry Potter had many gifts, he was a powerful wizard with the ability to talk to snakes among other things. Many of his capabilities were quite similar to the dark Lord Voldemort. If Harry would have wanted he could have easily succumbed to those innate skills and gone over to the dark side. But like Dumbledore says, it is not ones abilities that define them, it is their choices. Time and time again, Harry Potter chooses good over evil. He supports what is right over what is easy and that is what leads to his triumph.

Lesson: We succeed not because of what talents we possess but the choices we make in life.


Harry is just a young boy of 11 when he discovers he is "the boy who survived." He is immediately put on a pedestal and everybody expects great things without realizing that he is just a child. Harry is constantly faced with remarkable tasks: defeating a troll, rescuing Ginny Weasley from a giant snake, defending himself against dementors, being the youngest student to compete in the Triwizard tournament where he has to defeat a dragon amongst other things, teaching his fellow students how to defend themselves against the dark arts, battling death eaters and fighting Lord Voldemort. All these are upon a young boy, who successfully achieves them because he has one thing -- courage. Harry might not be as powerful and knowledgeable but he faces up to everything that he thrown at him and that is how he triumphs.

Lesson: Whatever life throws at you, welcome it with open arms.


By Prachi Patel for Intent.com

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