9 Ways to Print Instagram Photos

Source: 9 Ways to Print Instagram PhotosInstagram is the easy way of creating dreamy iPhone photos in a flash. The filters work their magic so well that nearly every picture comes out looking like a keepsake. Making those memories permanent can be just easy with these tools for turning Instagram photos into a lasting work of art.

1. Printstagram - The company offers multiple ways to print Instagram photos, but the 20-x40-inch posters will make the most stunning addition to a living room wall. Between 50-400 photos are arranged in a clean grid on thick, archival paper for $25.
2. Blurb - Haven't looked at a photo album in awhile? Blurb brings back what now seems like an antiquated way of sharing photos with a modern, Instagram twist. Softcover books with 20 pages of Instagram photos runs $11 and a hardcover is $22. Christmas present, perhaps?
3. Postagram - A fun way to show people you're thinking of them, Postagram mails a postcard with popout Instagram photo and message to friends for 99 cents each. A thoughtful alternative to a birthday e-card!

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4. Instagoodies - Print books of one-inch stickers of your favorite Instagram photos. Attach stickers to the computer monitor, phone case, or wallet for a quick flash of happiness.
5. Boo Box - For photos worthy of the mantlepiece go or the Boo Box, which places four-inch Instagram photos in bamboo shadowbox frames beginning at $20.
6. Stickygram - Take a cue from your mom and turn your refrigerator into bragging grounds for your works of art. For $15, Stickygram makes a set of nine photo magnets from your favorite images.

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7. TeenyTile - As the name implies, TeenyTile crafts two inch tiles from your Instagram pics for
sticking on your fridge (thanks to the included adhesive magnet), or whatever you choose to create with them. Each tile is priced at $4.
8. Artflakes - Images get sticky with this company that takes your regular 'ole Instagram pics and whips them into vinyl 4-inch stickers. Buy them up in packs of 10 ($21), 25 ($42), or 50 ($63)
9. Casetagram - Create a custom iPhone 4/4S case with this company that prints your Instagram on a slim-fitting shell. You can customize how your pics are arranged, then Casetagram prints them on a white or transparent case for just $35. With so many resources to print Instagram photos, you could easily decorate an entire house with iPhone memories. How do you share your mobile phone photos?

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