986: the number of Real Housewife news stories posted in the past hour

Real Housewives: 10 million strong and growing (Getty Images)Real Housewives: 10 million strong and growing (Getty Images)Is it possible to go a single day with out Real Housewife breaking news? Granted they're a growing minority -- turning the notion of reality star into something altogether undefined. They went from tacky, McMansion dwellers to pop stars, self-help gurus and national security threats.

Can we put them back inside the TV box please?

Enter the search terms "Real and "Housewives" in Google news and there's over 900 articles on a DC Housewife's feud with Whoopi Goldberg. Then there's Jersey news about foreclosures, courtroom drama, DUI's, Snooki appearances. And don't forget the NY stars who get a press mention for entering a Starbucks. And of course, there's always the requisite "let's stop caring about the Real Housewives" opinion piece--the most recent from the Washington Post.

I love any Housewife as much as the next person, but it does seem like the cast members are bleeding into actual news a little too often. From Salahi's party crashing, to Staub's courtroom drama, I'm starting to feel like my mashed potatoes and gravy are getting on my steak. And it's kind of gross.

In the past hour alone, there have been 986 news stories about the Housewives. And counting. Here's one more.

P.S. This post works better if it's read by Andy Rooney.