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  • How not to get hacked.

    If you send e-mail, post updates on Facebook, check your bank account balance online, or do most anything that requires the Internet, you're at risk of being hacked.

    In fact, last August, Mat Honan, senior writer for tech magazine Wired­-someone presumably well aware of the dangers of hacking-got hacked. He lost data from his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook, including all photos of his one-year-old daughter. "My entire digital life was destroyed," he wrote on Luckily, embracing the Luddite lifestyle isn't your only option. These five simple steps can greatly reduce your chances of being hacked.

    1. Be aware of what you share You don't have to delete your Facebook or Twitter account to say safe, but posting birth dates, graduation years, or your mother's maiden name-info often used to answer security questions to access your accounts online or over the phone-on social-media sites makes a hacker's job even easier.

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  • By Meghan Casserly

    Be prepared to be put to work at your next interview--or even before you're asked in.

    Ask anyone: managers, recruiters and job applicants are all unhappy with the current standards in hiring. A candidate comes in after a paper resume's been given the once-over and rattles off her best qualities over the course of a 30 minute interview, during which time you learn little more than whether she can tell a decent story or if you like her blazer. She leaves, feeling dissatisfied that she hasn't been able to show you what she's truly capable of.

    More often than not, you will never see each other again.

    But hiring trends are changing, and experts predict within the next 365 days a new practice will take root that will change the job application process on both sides of the interview table forever. It's called the challenge-based interview process and, in short, it's a process by which candidates, show rather than tell prospective employers their skill-sets.

    Elli Sharef, the co-founder of Y-Combinator-backed recruiting company HireArt has found herself in

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  • By Spencer Cain, StyleCaster


    Beyoncé may seem like she has every right to be the ultimate diva, but apparently it's really not the case. In fact, it turns out that the mega-star is just as awesome and polite as we wished she'd be. Designer Rubin Singer-who recently designed a custom unitard which took two weeks to make for Bey's Las Vegas concert on New Year's Eve-told Glamour that Beyoncé, along with sister Solange Knowles, are "the only celebrities that always dry clean and send clothes back in a box, with a hand-written thank you note. They are true ladies."

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    For someone as rich and famous as Knowles, it's nice to see that she's still got a head on her shoulders-and isn't jaded by her blinding success.
    "When you do a fitting with her, she doesn't keep you waiting half a day like some celebrities do," Singer said, adding: "When she's there, she's present and honest and grat

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  • By Cindy Perman,



    The steady drumbeat of "you're just lucky to have a job" that played through the recession is finally starting to fade and employees may be getting ready to say, "I quit!" and bolt for the nearest exit.

    One in three employees (33 percent) say they plan to look for a new job this year and nearly one in five (18 percent) say they'll be looking in the next three months, according to a new survey by Harris Interactive for job-search site

    Over at, their survey showed the number of employees making a New Year's resolution to get a new job jumped to 38 percent.

    Part of this shot of confidence comes from the early signs of recovery in the job market, like the December jobs report, and part of it comes from the fact that most companies, while more stable than in recent years, are not confident enough to start handing out raises.

    [Read more: Asking for a Raise in a Tight Economy]

    "Now that it appears that the extreme highs and lows

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  • By Jane Wells,

    Dr. McDreamy

    Dr. McDreamy

    Not every coffee company born in Seattle is a winner. Tully's, a 20-year-old chain founded in the Emerald City, filed for Chapter 11 last fall. The chain had trouble competing in the shadow of Starbucks, and it filed for protection reporting $3.7 million in debts and very little cash.

    Much of its debt is owed to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters which owns Tully's wholesale and roasting businesses.

    The remaining part of the company - retail stores, agreements with franchisees and the coffee sold in grocery chains - is in need of a cash infusion immediately.

    Actor Patrick Dempsey is one of several parties bidding to buy Tully's out of bankruptcy at an auction Thursday.

    Dempsey told the Seattle Times he'd like to save the 500 jobs at risk. "I've always loved this city, and with the purchase of Tully's Coffee, I plan to spend a lot of time in Seattle - and the stores connecting with the community and growing the Tully's brand."

    Other reported bidders incl

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