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Happy Birthday Rosa Parks – Who was Tougher Than You Think

Monday marks the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon who ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she refused …


the most-common job for women in 2010? It's s…


Move over, Hello Kitty, there's a new destina…

  • Officer Tony Lepore is a holiday tradition in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The police veteran comes out of retirement every year for one reason and one reason only: To direct traffic. While dancing.

    "He is a Rhode Island landmark, more or less. He's an icon, he's like a little mini celebrity," Michelle Peterson, an emergency medical technician who lives in Warwick, Rhode Island, told The Associated Press. "It feels good to see him out here; it definitely brings the holiday spirit." We took a look at some of his moves and we have to admit, we'd risk a jaywalking ticket to get a closer look. -- By Lylah M. Alphonse, Senior Editor, Yahoo! Shine.

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  • Huh? New research says women should stay out of men's professions.

    Huh? New research says women should stay out of men's professions.

    In gender-(in)equality-news-that-makes-me-angry today, new research shows that the more men and women stick to different trades and professions, the more equal the overall pay average is for the two sexes. Um...what?

    By Natasha Burton

    Looking at various countries' workforces, researchers at the University of Cambridge, found that pay is most equal in countries like Slovenia, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, and Hungary where men and women work in different occupations to a greater extent than in many of the other countries examined. Countries like the U.S., Japan, the Czech Republic, Austria, and the Netherlands, where men and women tend to work in the same fields, showed larger gaps in pay, with men's being higher.

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    The study didn't highlight the fields that men and women typically work in for those countries with more occupational segregation and less of a wage gap. But, we'd imagine that women aren't holding the high-paying, high-power jobs in business,

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  • What to Get Your Boss

    At some offices, holiday gift-giving is pretty standardized: The whole department draws names, or you have a gift exchange, or everyone decides to go in together to get the boss a lovely gift basket or some concert tickets. And then at other companies, you're pretty much shooting in the dark. What can you get your manager that will impress her, without going overboard and making her (or anyone else) think you're a brown-noser? (And, if we're really being honest, that won't blow your entire holiday bonus check.)

    No matter what type of boss you're shopping for, we've got you covered with these perfect gift picks, all under $50.

    Kate Spade

    Kate Spade

    For the Office Dweller

    Let's start here: You know at least one thing about your boss, and it's that she comes to the office every day. Pop your head in her door and take a quick scan of what she might need. Does she have stuff all over the place? Try this "Cordies" organizer ($24.99), which will keep her phones, camera, wallet, and other desk essentials perfec...Read More »

  • 5 steps to taking easier videos with your smartphone

    More video footage is shot today than ever before. The reason? Smartphones. They are always with us; they are easy to use; and an increased confidence in our ability to take halfway-decent still shots has led us to believe that we can also be the next Steven Spielberg when it comes to video.

    Video has found its way into more and more careers. Personally, I work with it on a regular basis as a CTO and blogger; but even if you don't directly work with online content, chances are your company has a website and a social media presence where video is featured. And I'm not talking multi-million dollar Hollywood-worthy video. I'm talking about in-house, amateur video featuring a product or offering a window into the world of your brand. These types of videos are commonly created with smartphones.

    Unfortunately, most of our smartphone videos are destined to disappoint. The shaky and grainy images are usually played back straight away and forgotten, gathering digital dust until it's time fo

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  • This time of year it seems like every fashionista is in search of the perfect party dress. December is full of parties -- office parties, Hanukkah parties, Christmas parties, New Year's Parties, parties with family, parties with friends, you name it. Unfortunately, with everything else that is going on this month, it can be hard to find one perfect party dress, let alone one for every separate event! That's why I'm always on the lookout for dresses that will work for multiple celebrations. This year I picked two totally opposite occasions -- the office holiday party and New Year's Eve -- and gave myself the challenge of finding a dress to work for both. Trust me, ladies, with a little imagination and a few carefully-chosen accessories, it can be done! Here are 7 amazing dresses to take you from your office party to New Year's Eve. - By Chelsea Fuss

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