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Happy Birthday Rosa Parks – Who was Tougher Than You Think

Monday marks the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon who ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she refused …


the most-common job for women in 2010? It's s…


Move over, Hello Kitty, there's a new destina…

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    Source: 6 Ways to Find Out What Your Peers Are Making

    More and more companies are revealing how much each employee is getting paid, according to the Wall Street Journal. Advocates say this helps employees "better understand their individual contribution to the whole group." This wage transparency is most often practiced by start-ups, but if you're keen to know how much your peers are making even though your company doesn't reveal the numbers, here are a couple of alternatives:

    • Glassdoor: If your company is big enough, you may be able to find out the pay of employees through anonymous salary quotes at What's great about this tool is it gives you specific information on what someone in your position is doing at your company, so the numbers aren't too generalized.
    • College career center: Even if many years have passed since your graduation, you can approach your college career center and ask the counselors if they have any statistics of what your fellow

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  • Move over, Hello Kitty, there's a new destination for the cutest and coolest customers in town. The Barbie Cafe, which opened in one of the busiest shopping districts in Taipei on Wednesday, is filled with classic and modern Barbie memorabilia, features a delicious-looking menu, and takes people where the prim-and-proper "American Girl" franchise fears to tread. "We picked Taiwan because theme restaurants are very popular and successful here," Iggy Yip, a senior manager at Mattel's Greater China division, told the Telegraph. "We are very confident that the Barbie Cafe can promote our brand image."

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  • Father and daughter soldiers Tim and Katelyn Larrison were stationed together in Afghanistan. Both came home safely …

    Residents of Vassar, Michigan, welcomed home two of their own on Sunday, when Army Reserve soldiers Master Sargeant (Msg.) Tim Larrison and Specialist (Spc.) Katelyn Larrison ended their yearlong deployment in Afghanistan. The father-daughter team was  surprised by a crowd of well-wishers who had spent most of the morning awaiting their arrival.

    Soldier Adjusts to Life at Home After Afghanistan

    "I was so excited to see her [Katelyn's] reaction," Shannon Larrison—Katelyn's mom and Tim's wife—told WNEM-TV. "She immediately started shaking and tears came down her eyes, it was the best."

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    "Oh man, a lot of people, it was very exciting, it's nice to be welcomed home," Spc. Katelyn Larrison, 19, told a local news crew.

    "Just seeing the support and the flags, it was bigger than I imagined," her dad said.

    This wasn't the first time he's returned home from war; Msg. Tim Larrison finished a year in Afghanistan in September 201

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  • For the first time in years, college freshmen are drinking less and worrying about jobs more, a major survey s …

    The U.S. economy may be on the mend, but that hasn't stopped it from influencing a generation in an unexpected way: For the first time ever, an annual survey of college freshman has found that first-year students are more focused on their job prospects than their party plans.

    According to the "2012 Freshman Norms report," conducted by UCLA's Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) each year since 1966, only 33 percent of college freshman reported drinking beer in 2012, down from 35.4 percent in 2011 and far lower than the 73.7 percent who were knocking back drinks in 1982, when many of their own parents were in college.

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    Alcohol industry experts said that they're happy about the change.

    "While we recognize there is more work to be done to eliminate underage drinking, today we have a record number of college freshmen who are making the right choices about drinking," Joe McClain, president of the Beer Institute, said in a

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  • Bill Diodato

    Bill Diodato

    K. Aleisha Fetters, SELF magazine

    You know one of the best places to land a job is online. But, hello, talk about being a needle in a haystack! Here, ways you can stand out among the e-masses.


    You'll increase your chances of a recruiter contacting you tenfold if you post links to industry news along with personal insights on your page at least once a week, according to Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's career expert. And while you're at it, beef up your experience section. Profiles that list more than one position snag more page views. Highlight your personal achievements with about five bullet points of info under each gig.

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    Parrot words or phrases from the job post in your résumé and cover letter, says Rosemary Haefner,'s HR vice prez. Recruiters often weed through hundreds of applications by typing keywords from the job description (such as "experienced in HTML") into a search e

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