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Happy Birthday Rosa Parks – Who was Tougher Than You Think

Monday marks the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon who ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she refused …


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  • A new Mercedes-Benz ad starring the voluptuous Kate Upton is generating some surprisingly negative buzz in the blogosphere, with critics calling it cheap and tasteless—even wondering if it's too sexy.

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    "Hot girl, great car, and somehow I think this is the worst ad Mercedes has ever made," and "Cheap and stupid. Worst ad Mercedes made. Whoever thought of this needs to be fired!" are among a slew of choice comments posted on the Mercedes-Benz Facebook page.

    The ad, set to air on February 3 during the Super Bowl, starts off with a slow pan upward, from feet to face, of a scantily clad Upton and her physical assets. Bluesy music blares. The screen goes blank except for a title: "Kate Upton Washes the New Mercedes CLA—in Slow Motion," and then it's back to the action, which consists of Upton suggestively blowing suds out of her hand, and then teasing and supervising a few young, wide-eyed young men in football jerseys

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  • Get advice for handling micromanagers, workaholics and more.

    By Samantha Toscano

    How sad is this: The average employee will spend 19 hours a week (including six weekend hours) worrying about what her boss says and does, according to a survey commissioned by Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant. Luckily, there are ways to cope with even the most mischievous of managers, as well as the ones with zero leadership skills. Take these expert-approved tips to the office to forge a healthy boss-employee relationship that could leave you loving your job. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. The Micromanager

    Such a hands-on boss tends to "squander her own time on re-do work or too much involvement in her reports' work," explains leadership expert Linda Henman. These perfectionist qualities may make you feel untrusted and creatively impeded, but Ask April founder and relationship exert April Masini suggests taking the extra attention as a compliment and feeling grateful for that kind of safety net. To cope, Taylor recommends over-communic

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    Employers are more likely to succumb to gender bias when hiring if a candidate is not being compared to other candidates, according to a study from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government picked up by The Wall Street Journal.

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    The study involved 100 fake job candidates, who took either math or verbal tests. The test scores were presented to 554 mock employers, who were asked to determine if candidates should go on to a second round of testing. When presented information about a single candidate, the employers were more likely to choose men for math tests and women for verbal tests, even if they scored poorly. But when they were given information about a male and a female candidate, the test scores trumped the stereotype that men are better at math and women are better at verbal skills in their decision-making.

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    Allow co-author Ir

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  • Jennifer Lawrence was criticized for saying "I beat Meryl" during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, but it turned out she was citing a "First Wives Club" quote. You know what though? Beating Meryl Streep at anything is a big freaking deal, especially for a youngster! With that in mind, we've rounded up the youngest actresses to be honored by the highly respected Screen Actors Guild. They may not have beaten Meryl, but they just might some day! By Joanna Douglas, Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor

  • While Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor performed live at President Barack Obama's second inauguration on Monday, Beyonce opted instead to lip sync her way through the National Anthem, offering up a flawless performance that many viewers were upset to discover had actually been recorded earlier.

    "We all know Beyonce can sing," Master Sgt. of the U.S. Marine Band Kristin duBois told ABC News on Tuesday. "We all know the Marine Corps Band can play. We do not know why she decided to go with the pre-recorded music at the last minute."

    All music for the inauguration ceremony is prerecorded "because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day," DuBois told the New York Post. The band had to fake it along with the singer, The Washingtonian reported, and Beyonce hurried off stage the instant the music ended.

    Beyonce's performance wasn't the main event, and it's incredibly difficult to sing live in cold and windy weather, so why does everyone seem so betrayed? Big stars lip sync a

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