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Happy Birthday Rosa Parks – Who was Tougher Than You Think

Monday marks the 100th birthday of Rosa Parks, the civil rights icon who ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott when she refused …


the most-common job for women in 2010? It's s…


Move over, Hello Kitty, there's a new destina…

  • She used to avoid the spotlight, but with her new high-profile role in President Obama's 2nd inauguration, Chelsea …

    Chelsea Clinton is returning to Washington—this time in a leadership role. The former first daughter has been named the Honorary Chair of the 2013 National Day of Service and will headline a summit on the National Mall on Saturday to launch President Barack Obama's second inauguration.

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    "There is no more fitting way to mark a presidential inauguration than a day of service," Clinton said in a statement sent to Yahoo! Shine. "Coming together as a country to strengthen our communities has always been part of the American spirit. I am deeply grateful that President Obama and his administration have put service at the center of the Inauguration weekend and I am proud to be part of a nation-wide service effort, honoring the service and legacy of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and building a brighter future for all of us."

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    The high-profile role is a good fit for Clinton, who retreated from view after

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  • We've outlined the new code of conduct to make your beauty routine work for you come Monday morning.

    Leap from cubicle warrior to corner-suite exec with can't-lose looks.

    In or out of the office, makeup looks better on healthy, hydrated skin. "In unflattering work light, you can see everything, so start with a good moisturizer for a smooth surface under makeup," says makeup artist Tina Turnbow. "I also de-puff each morning with an eye gel - store it in the fridge so it's extra cooling." On days you down a supersize latte, "I love peppermint lip balm - it moisturizes, tingles, and helps with fresh breath when you're talking to people up close." Just don't skimp on the final review: "Before you head out the door, take a mirror into natural light to make sure everything is properly blended." You want eyes on the bottom line, not your jawline.

    7 Bedtime Habits That Are Ruining Your Sleep

    The Old-School Office: For corporate chic that dazzles like a 3-D PowerPoint slide, "Stick with a monochromati

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  • Photo by: Getty

    By Tracy Saelinger

    Photo by Getty

    Branches often have complimentary or discounted admission passes to local museums, science centers and zoos. And most libraries will also provide free Wi-Fi and access to foreign language databases, car-repair manuals and paid subscription sites, like

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    If returning books on time is tough for you, try borrowing an e-book. When the library's checkout period ends, you simply lose access to the file-there's nothing to bring back, so there are never any fines! Check one out at the library's website. Most libraries also offer e-reader tech support, and some even lend out devices.

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    Investigate whether or not your branch has book club kits, which include 8 to 12 copies and a discussion guide. Your group can get a new title every month at no cost (as long as y

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  • Marisa Cohen, SELF magazine

    Fat paychecks and fancy perks don't equal contentment. You need something deeper. Agree with any of these statements and it's likely your job falls short of fulfilling.

    Your company isn't inspiring. If you wish your company had a purpose a bit more noble than padding the owner's bank account, spearhead a community project, such as a book drive, suggests Nicole Williams, career expert at LinkedIn and author of Girl on Top. "It's great PR for the company, brings the team together and makes everyone feel good about their work."

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    You don't care about the projects you work on.When you're stuck with tasks you could do in your sleep (or that bore you to sleep), consider ways you might combine your interests with the company's goals-perhaps by updating the website or making connections to nab new clients. Before you run your plan by your boss, come up with solutions for how you'll cover your old to-d

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  • An image from Khroma Beauty's European website.

    The Kardashian sisters' makeup line, Khroma, has been slapped with a copyright infringement lawsuit and it's not the first time the family has been accused of stealing someone else's ideas.

    Lee Tillett, a makeup artist from Florida, has officially filed suit against the Kardashians in Los Angeles superior court. She is suing for $10 million dollars in damages, claiming the Kardashians stole the name of her makeup line, Kroma, which was founded in 2004, and simply added an "h."

    Apparently the Kardashians couldn't resist beginning the business's name with the letter "k." All five sisters and mom Kris have names beginning with the letter K. Their fashion label is called the Kardashian Kollection for Sears and their line for OPI nail polish is called Kardashian Kolor.

    9 reasons why the Kardashians should stay out of fashion

    "I developed the Kroma line myself, built my business through my own hard work, and took the legal steps necessary to protect it," Tillett said in an interview

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