“Smile Even Though Your Heart is Breaking” – What is your MJ moment?

If you were like me yesterday, you could not help but shed a tear as you watched Michael Jackson's Memorial Service yesterday. Though my heart hated to see a man with such undeniable talent leave this life to start the next, I had to find a way to smile. So I thought about how I enjoyed Michael Jackson's music and I found my MJ moment:

As I kid I used to love going to my grandmother's house because she had a huge basement with a great sound system. I would carefully put my on MJs Bad album that I had vinyl on my grandfather's record player. When the music started, it was my cue!

Dressed in my neon colored leggings and oversized tee-shirt (I'm an eighty's baby!) I would take the floor. I would be in that basement all afternoon, making up my own show-stopping moves that (I thought!) were just as good as Michael's. I danced to every single song on that album, even the slow ones! I would even go a step further and imagine that I was one of his back up dancers at one of his sold-out concerts. I didn't even need an audience. All I needed was Michael's music and his great voice. I would handle the rest all by myself in that basement!

Though I didn't grow up to be dancer, just that memory was enough to put a smile on my face. I just had to sit back and tell him "Thank you." His music is integral to the soundtrack of my life and I can't thank him enough for that!

So I shared an embarrassing MJ moment so it's your turn!

What was your MJ moment?