A Teenager's View

Ah parents you can't live and you can't live without them. To most of the teen population parents are annoying and constantly in the way so I guess when teenagers actually want to have a social life and parents say no, teens "rebel". In all honesty, teens are not rebelling they are turning into adults and should be treated as such, they aren't little children anymore who don't know how to make decisions. Teens these days are part of the technology era and yes there are more threats out there but they have heard the lectures and once is enough, for most cases. So, parents stop treating your teenager as a child and give them some freedom to make their choices and make mistakes because you were exactly the same at one point. If a teenager realizes that they are being given the rights that a young adult deserves things will be more relaxed and stress-free but that doesn't mean letting them go wild. Parents should enforce boundaries but not chain their teenager up. Just try it once and trust me your teen will defiantly come to respect you much more.