A user asks: Does your wedding ring have history?

When I got married, I was one broke chick. My soon-to-be husband was a server at an Italian restaurant and I was a hostess there. We lived off eating Hamburger Helper and Ramen noodles, shopping resale shops and garage sales and pinching pennies all of the time. When we chose to make the leap from live in lover to husband and wife, purchasing a wedding ring was a huge sacrifice out of our monthly budget. I really didn't even want a ring because I knew how much we would suffer financially.

Luckily an aunt worked at a local jewelers. She helped us pick out something for under $100. It's a plain simple band with tiny specks of diamonds encrusted on it. For nine years I wore this simple band alone. About a year ago, my mother in law was cleaning out her house. She and her husband were moving into a smaller home at the beach. When she was going through her things she located a ring her ex-husband, my husband's father, had given to her when they were married. The next time I saw her, she gave it to me and told me to keep it in the family.

This ring is nothing huge. The band is skinnier than the one my husband placed on my finger at our wedding and the diamonds are nothing someone may chop my finger off for, but it is a part of my family's history. I wear both rings. My wedding band is in front of the other. To me they represent the future we have together, the present we share, and the past that binds us together.

Does your wedding ring have history?

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