Admire and Inspire

I know that many people are inspired by their mother. I know that we are supposed to share a story about the woman that we celebrate in our lives. However, I could not have one of them without the other. So I have decided to write about them together.
I was born in 1985 to a mother who was only 15 years old. She was strong, smart, funny, and loved me enough to know that she was not ready to raise me. I was lucky enough to be adopted by a family with an amazing mother, great father, and although sometimes mean, awesome older brother.
Fast forward to my college years. I struggled to find out who I was in college. I had average grades, was average in sports, and I had a good group of friends. But in the back of my mind, there was always something missing. I looked to my adoptive family, who I loved more than anything, to see how I could find this missing puzzle piece, how I could feel more complete. I realized that this missing piece was my biological mother.
I spent a few months looking, and sure enough, I found her quickly. I was one of the lucky ones to do so. My adoptive mother and biological mother were finally going to meet, with me in between. I was scared to see who she was, I was scared my adoptive mother would think I didn't love her. Together, all three of us met over dinner and my adoptive mother cried immediately. I thought it was all going to fall apart. However, my adoptive mother stopped crying and told my biological mother how thankful she was for her. She told my biological mother that without her, she would not have me. My biological mother also cried, and was happy to know that I had a family who loved and adored me.
My biological mother is still in my life, she plays a role that no one else can have. My adoptive mother is, of course, my mother. All of us have a unique story and role in our "triangle."
I am inspired by my biological mothers ability to place me up for adoption at an age where most teens struggle to give up their child. I admire her for being able to maintain a relationship with me that teaches me so much. I am inspired by my adoptive mother who has never stopped drying my tears while I struggled with my adoption journey. I admire her for patience, her strength, and her ability to let me follow a path she may not have always wanted.
I find strength in both of these women each day of my life.