(AHIMSA) NON-VOILENCE FORCE has shownt as the only method yet to successfully and peacefully change the tiranical order to the liking of the citizons of a country as in Egept recently.

We all know that GANDHIJI was the first to show and experiment with the non voilent movemenet to solve any problem or demand of the public including the right to live and enjoy freedom of movement with honour and diginity.
To day we congratuate the Egyptions for successfully gaining freedom from their autocrat President after getting him out of the presidentship post.- a remarkable show of Ahimsa against the bad rule.
Though we got also our freedom to great extent through the application of Ahimsa under the leadership of Gandhiji and other freedom fighters in betwin some experimenrt with voilence was done but not so effective.
But it seems that our rulers are mostly fearsome themselves and they are thus always keeping themselves under security by armed poeople - a negative to our principle of Ahimsa taught by Mahatma Gandhi and others at that time.
It is very clear that is why so much armed force is very often applied on students, advocates and citizons if ever they try to warn the administration for any reasonal demands when ever arised.
It is time now for them to learn how people can be satisfied without exerting armed force or lathis etc, at lkeast pacefull gathering of the gentry-- a reminder of the Britishers.
It seems that all the ills now appearing in our country is simply that our administration has forgetten the teaching of our previous leaders such Nehru and others
\Our police force is very alert to attack the gentry but to control thugs. crimnals and the Docoits they may take years to stop them because they are ad dicted to deal with the innocent and literate person ore effectively.
But we hope our countrys rulers may learn lesson from the event oif Egypet if they donot care seriously it will a repeat of History.