Airline Bans Babies From 1st Class

By Shira Scott,
Looks like at least one airline is responding to complaints about crying babies on board.

Malaysia Airlines is banning infants from 1st class on its Airbus A380 jumbo jets and its Boeing 747-400 jets.

The Airline's chief executive told the Australian Business Traveller that the company has received a good number of complaints from high-paying passengers who say that they "can't sleep due to crying infants."

There's been a lot of debate lately over kids on planes with some people suggesting airlines should offer child-free flights or have special family sections on board. According to the Daily Mail, travel specialists have urged several airlines, including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates, to consider both of these options.

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A recent poll in the UK showed that 75 percent of business passengers found children on planes "irritating."

But, when DDB Worldwide Communications Group (DDB Life Style Study) asked Americans (not just business travelers) what they considered the most unpleasant experience to have on an airplane, a crying baby wasn't at the top of the list.

The worst of the worst? Sitting next to somebody with strong body odor. It was the choice of 64% of the participants.

Only 23% considered getting the seat next to a crying baby the worst. Parents with kids five or under were more tolerant of this "annoyance."

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"Considering there are several movements currently taking place to create family-only sections of aircrafts, we were surprised to find that crying babies didn't rate higher as an annoyance to airline travelers," said James Lou, U.S. Chief Strategist at DDB.

That report came shortly after the release of a poll in the UK which showed that about 75 percent of business passengers found children on planes "irritating." The survey involved 1,000 business-class travelers and was done for the 2011 Business Travel and Meetings trade show.

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