Amazingly realistic eyebrows from Completely Bare


My great aunt draws on her brows: two thick Sharpie-like lines--straight across. By mid-afternoon, they've melted all over her face in the Florida heat.

I'm paranoid about ending up completely browless. I worry over every tiny gap and sparse patch, especially the inner corner of my right brow, which I religiously fill in with powder every morning. (Here's how you can get the perfect eyebrows right at home!)

Permanent makeup has been suggested, but a tattoo on my face seems ... extreme, right?

At the opening of the new Completely Bare downtown on Bond Street in New York City, owner Cindy Barshop convinced me to try her latest service, the Barshop Brow--like eyelash extensions for your eyebrows--right there in the middle of the party. An aesthetician meticulously glued 20 tiny fibers to my skimpy right brow until it matched the left perfectly. It took 10 minutes--after which I ran around asking other beauty editors: "Can you tell that my eyebrow is fake?"

It lasted three weeks (I was careful not to scrub my face too vigorously), and everyone thought it was real--even the woman who does my brows, Amy Kernahan (at her eponymous studio). I'm sending my great aunt to Completely Bare's Palm Beach location ASAP.

--Dawn Spinner, associate beauty editor

Get the right eyebrow shape that makes you look instantly--dramatically--prettier.

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