An easy, fun way to make over your cupboards

With my move coming up next week, I've got all kinds of resolutions for the tidier, better organized new me. One of those is to actually take time to line the drawers and shelves inside my cupboards, which serves not only a practical purpose (protecting the surfaces) but looks pretty too-especially if you use a material like oilcloth, which comes in a slew of happiness-inducing patterns and colors and is easy to wipe clean.

Ages ago I bookmarked this post on about lining drawers with oilcloth, and am finally ready to take action. You can buy oilcloth by the yard on (at a shop within a shop called Oilcloth Addict) or else you can probably track some down at your local fabric store. If you end up ordering it online and it arrives folded, simply lay it flat in the sun to smooth out any lines before trimming it to size. To get it to stick, you can either use a bit of spray adhesive, or try bits of sticky putty along the edges. The whole project shouldn't take more than a few minutes per shelf/drawer, and will give even the most mundane of household items a charming, stylish backdrop.