An easy way to organize your kid's writing and art supplies

photo credit: thewritestart.typepad.comphoto credit: thewritestart.typepad.comI've tried a handful of ways to keep my kids' writing and art supplies organized such that they are easy to access and easy to hide when not in use. As we start preparing for the new school year, I'm already thinking about what to do with their workspace.

Jennifer from The Write Start created a "carousel of creativity" by using a simple and inexpensive Lazy Susan from Ikea (US$8). Colored and regular pencils, markers, watercolors, crayons and other supplies are housed in canning jars.

I dig this idea because it keeps all the supplies in one spot. You could easily add a few more jars for counting buttons, erasers and maybe a glue stick/ruler (the essential "trifecta" for early grade school kids). And? You can quickly put it away when homework/crafty time is done.

How do you store your kid's writing and art supplies?