An Insider’s Guide to the Royal Wedding

Nast Traveler Articles Editor Kate Maxwell and other travel experts offer some terrific tips if you are thinking of traveling to London to witness royal wedding history.

1. Don't forget your umbrella.
London's weather is extremely changeable, particularly in April. Average temperatures are low-60s, with a good chance of rain...

2. Set your alarm clock. If you want to watch the wedding from one of the three best vantage points: outside Westminster Abbey, the Mall, and Buckingham Palace gates, get there super early (consider camping overnight!) and be prepared for a scrum.

3. Take the tube. London is not a walking city: it's huge. Beat the traffic by taking the underground, and buy an Oyster card, a plastic smartcard you charge up with cash, to save money and time.

4. Crash a street party. There are going to be around 200 street parties (the English equivalent of a block party) around the city on April 29. Residents bring food, and they're a great way to get close and personal with the locals.

5. Stay out of town. If you're on a tight budget, think about booking a hotel an hour outside London and taking the train into the city the morning of the wedding. The counties of Surrey, Kent, and Berkshire (where Kate Middleton's parents live) are close by and picturesque.

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