Anderson’s Psychic Reading with Medium John Edward

Can our loved ones who have passed away communicate with us?

Anderson spends the hour with world renowned psychic medium John Edward, who uses images and clues he receives from the other side to connect people with deceased friends and relatives.

Win a Psychic Reading with John Edward

Anderson received a psychic reading from Edward. Take a look at this video from an episode of "Anderson," which airs Monday, October 17.

Edward may not be the only psychic appearing on Monday's "Anderson" -- Gloria Vanderbilt tells Anderson she is very intuitive as well, saying, "I'm somewhat psychic myself." Anderson then sinks into his chair and says, "Oh, no. You too?"

It's not every day that Edward is contact by Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe. But that's what happened when John did a reading for Anderson's mom, Gloria Vanderbilt.

"For me, I get some pop cultural references, says John. "So I was doing a reading for somebody who's not a known figure and I'm seeing Marilyn Monroe. So I would say, 'Who's Marilyn?' They would say, 'That's my aunt. That's my grandmother.' Not Marilyn Monroe. So it's kind of a little bit -- it's freaky."

Gloria and Marilyn were good friends. Gloria says she "felt very close to her for many reasons."

"I find it interesting that you freaked out John Edward," says Anderson.

Take a look at this moment from Monday's episode of "Anderson"...



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