Are Accusations of Racism CAUSING Racism?

Today, I was reading a "fashion faux pas" article on OMG (not the best use of time, I admit it), when I came across a comment beneath a photo of Supermodel Naomi Campbell that made my blood boil. A young woman posted a badly spelled, grammatically incorrect rant that... well, I'll just copy and paste it here:


Now, I replied to her comment by pointing out that of the nine people having their fashion taste shredded in that article, only Naomi was black. Of the others, seven were Caucasians and one was a Hispanic person. I also noted that she was shouting by typing in all caps, and that she should try to use correct grammar and spelling in addition to better manners. After I posted my reply, I began to think about racism, and of the many times I have had that accusation undeservedly hurled at me, and I was horrified to realize that these accusations have begun to make me have resentful thoughts toward ANY accusation of racism. For example (by no means ALL of my possible examples, just some of the worst):

1) I made my little girl stop being friends with a black neighbor's son a few years ago. I did this because he began calling her his "girlfriend" (they were 8) and grew possessive to the point that he violently shook her and threw her to the ground for talking with another boy. His mother, despite having been informed of the events by several neighbors who were witnesses, said that I wouldn't let them be friends because her son was black.

2) While waiting tables at T.G.I. Friday's, I waited on a table of three black ladies who ordered the exact same dish, one with a minor modification (no pickles). The kitchen made an error and the sandwich was delivered with pickles. The woman LOUDLY shouted for me while I was with another table, then pointed out the mistake. I politely asked her if she would like a new sandwich, or if she simply wanted me to take the pickles away... needless to say I was immediately accused of being racist. According to her, I would have (a) not messed up her order had she been white and/or (b) brought her a new sandwich without offering to just scrape off the pickles if she had been white.

3) Earlier this week, a young black man and woman pulled into the parking lot next to our apartment building's swimming pool, with their radio blaring the lyrics to an EXTREMELY graphic, sexually suggestive song. I walked over to the gate and asked them to turn it down... I am now apparently a racist because I don't want my eleven year old daughter serenaded about keeping her mouth shut and submitting to rear-entry sex.

Regarding the race card, does anyone else feel this way? Don't minorities understand that screaming "Racist!" at everyone who disagrees with anything a black person says or does accomplishes nothing but creating hard feelings? Every time this happens, my sensitivity to issues of racism fades a little more. I have one honest question: Didn't you ever hear the story of the boy who cried wolf? It's getting to the point that when I hear an accusation of racism, I automatically disregard it, because I have had so many false allegations tossed at me. I can't be the only one. I just want to ask everyone to think before they speak. Not all mistakes, disagreements, and dis-approvals of behavior are about skin color. Maybe everyone should think about that and wonder just how many racists these baseless accusations are creating?