Are You Kidding? Apps That Help Guys Track YOUR Period/PMS

By Kerri Winick of Celebutante Sisters for GALTime

Does your guy run for cover when "that time of the month" is near? Do you need Midol at the drop of a hat? Four new iPhone applications promise to take the guesswork out of PMS…for your man! There are several to choose from and they are all designed to track a woman's menstrual cycle. One is called Code Red. Its co-creator calls his app "…each guy's personal, color-coded Terror Alert System." Seriously?


PMS_meter iamaman

Check out the PMS app options.

Each app works a bit differently, but the basic idea is the same. Simply enter the start date of a woman's most recent period, and the program will provide special alerts for each phase of their cycle. Think "a female symbol with devil horns," or "hilarious sound effects." (You can't make this stuff up!) Some programs, like PMS Buddy and IAmAMan even allow a guy to track more than one woman. That's gross. Period.

This is slightly disturbing to us. Clearly, a man was involved with creating these applications. What do you think?

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