As We Seek Stability, Gas Prices Won't Be on the List

As I travel across the midwest, I've noticed that gas prices are slowly going in the wrong direction. Yes, gas prices are increasing. According to the economist, we should expect gas prices to rise above $3.00 in the spring and summer due to the global economy.

The days have passed when we pull into a gas station, look at the attendant and say those three magical words...fill her up.

What are my options?

  1. I can carpool.
  2. I can ride a bike.
  3. I can work from ONE location.
  4. I can plan my destinations.

It seems that we are in a catch 22 due to lack of funds. Vacations are strategically planned because of living within a budget. For those who have two pennies to rub together the details are well developed.

I suggest any traveling, whether in a plane, train or automobile should consider a budget. What is your bottom line? How much do you plan to travel? Is it more feasible to drive or purchase a ticket? What about spending money upon destination?

If you plan to travel for spring or summer break it's extremely important to arrange plans...TODAY. The sooner you make a confirmed decision, the less money you will spend for travel expenses.

For those of you who are literally watching every penny in the bank, traveling my not be an option. However, daily traveling can too be a task. I've noticed in metropolitan areas many people traveling via bike. I think it's a great way to save money and address any health (exercise) excuses. Now you're addressing two financial setbacks...gas and gym membership. It's ideal!

Since the economy is far from being stable I suggest you take matters into your own hands as much as you can. Seek sites that reward you for early booking. Invest in transportation that will allow you to be mindful of your fitness.

Regardless of what your transportation decision is, it's important to know that we must create stability for ourselves in a world of uncertainty and chaos.

"Love yourself enough to support yourself"

Be Inspired!

Bahiyah Shabazz, MBA
Fabulous & Money Savvy™ Coach