Because Baby's First Words Shouldn't be "Crazy Biotch"

The majority of parents have probably been in a similar situation as reality star and new mother, Kourtney Kardashian. As a new mommy, she is discovering how much swearing actually goes on in her life. Now she's worried her baby's first words will be bleeped out on national television. The biggest potty mouth culprits? Her sister Khloe and her baby daddy, Scott Disick.

As a child, I was under strict orders never to use swear words. While I heard them occasionally - like when my dad got a paper cut, which was his biggest pet peeve in the universe - my family didn't cuss. As I got older, I started peppering f-bombs into my personal conversations and I've since realized how hard it is to stop.

My hubby and I agreed to cut the cussing down to a minimum when we found out we were pregnant for the first time. It's not an easy goal because it becomes such a habit, but we worked together to tone down our offensive language. Now that my kiddos are bigger and closely relate to parrots, we really have to watch it. I'm still guilty - and sometimes it just feels good to let it all fly - but we certainly don't do the potty mouth thing around our kids.

I think it's funny that Kourtney has taken this into consideration and wants to start censoring her family. She's even asking for advice from readers on her blog. What's great about this dilemma is it proves she's thinking like a mommy. And that's a good thing. My advice to Kourt would be "earmuffs" as we saw demonstrated in Old School. A "swear jar" is way too obvious for that family. Maybe they should give Scott a shot of tequila for every cuss word and that way he'll either succeed in making a huge buffoon of himself, which is always entertaining, or he'll just pass out cold and we won't have to hear and/or see him at all. Also a good option.

Did you ditch the potty mouth when you had kids? Do you have a clever "earmuff" trick for your kiddos?

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