being the better person

You can spend your time dwelling about people that have hurt you
or you can spend the day making a difference in someone's life
many people waste their energy with holding on to grudges and assumptions
when if they communicated and heard out the facts
it would open their eyes to see the real you
and not who the world tries to define you as
I had helped my sister for the past months with watching her kids, money, name it
I was there with faith that she was getting her act together
however I noticed that she spend most the day on the couch and yelling at the kids
Soon enough her energy was starting to impact me
making me grouchy,lazy, and turn to alcohol
I started to also notice that she began to not come home and
never helped with cleaning
most of all making me feel like I had no control over my own life
recently we had an argument because she disrespected me
due to her returning to her use of meth
that was the final straw
since she's been gone I have been more productive through
out my day and more at peace
I decided that I want to do as many things as possible that bring me joy
so i have been doing cardio
I finally had a much needed talk with my kids father
I decided to close the child support on him which is 14,000 of debt
yes I could really use that money however if it's going to
make him more involved than that is priceless
it took for me to see all the mistakes that my sisters was making
to want to be a better person
most of all to live everyday to the fullest sober