Benji Madden: too broke for Paris Hilton

Charley Gallay/Getty ImagesCharley Gallay/Getty ImagesOften times on a date it's the guy who picks up the tab, or at least you go dutch. Not so for Good Charlotte rocker and heiress Paris Hilton. Apparently the blonde reality star is getting annoyed that her boyfriend can't keep up with her salacious spending appetite and he's gotten so comfortable with her paying he just leaves his wallet at home!

"Benji never seems to have cash on him to pay for things and tip people, which means Paris always carries cash around," says a source. "She feels like it's easier to throw down a hundred-dollar bill than wait for Benji to fish around for a credit card, which he probably left at home." Benji claims to forget, but Paris "is starting to feel like he's cheap." Uh oh!

Do you think Paris is justified in being annoyed? How often do you split the bill with your significant other? [Star]