Best accessories for a stylish winter

Friends, it's here. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. And while we're so excited to be cozying up by a fire, with festive, twinkling lights casting a warm glow on our rosy cheeks, the reality is we spend a lot of time outside in the bitter cold. Luckily, thanks to a bounty of affordable winter accessories, you don't have to look as angry and uncomfortable as you feel when you're bent at a 45 degree angle into a sharp wind, involuntary tears streaming from your squinted eyes.

Keep your head (and ears) warm:

Topshop turban, $32.00.Topshop turban, $32.00.Target trapper, $24.99.Target trapper, $24.99.Delia's beanie, $14.50.Delia's beanie, $14.50.Forever 21 pom pom hat, $8.60.Forever 21 pom pom hat, $8.60.Torrid headband, $14.00.Torrid headband, $14.00.

Save those hands:

Aeropostale convertible gloves, $5.00.Aeropostale convertible gloves, $5.00.ALDO leather gloves, $28.00.ALDO leather gloves, $28.00.Betsey Johnson leopard gloves, $34.00.Betsey Johnson leopard gloves, $34.00.ASOS faux fur mittens, $27.58.ASOS faux fur mittens, $27.58.Roxy striped gloves, $24.00.Roxy striped gloves, $24.00.

Wrap it up:

Forever 21 scarf, $9.80.Forever 21 scarf, $9.80.Topshop infinity scarf, $32.00.Topshop infinity scarf, $32.00.Swell plaid scarf, $32.00.Swell plaid scarf, $32.00.Madewell scarf, $43.00.Madewell scarf, $43.00.Modcloth plum infitinity scarf, $34.99.Modcloth plum infitinity scarf, $34.99.

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