Better Bean for the Belly!

A Brilliant man named Warren Buffett said,
"The investor of today does not profit from yesterday's growth"

What does this mean? A true business mind has its eyes on the Future. Where will the Future lead us?
If you invest in what's been, what's worked, you're most likely going to lose momentum at some point, Why? For the mere fact that 'times are a changin'.

Nothing remains the same as it once was.

Things grow Old and pass away, and New things come!

Coffee is the second most desired drink in the world next to water and is the highest traded commodity in the world to that of Petroleum. This is a common and convenient business truth, however it's not so common and definitely not so convenient for the average Joe to have a hand in on the money making industry we call "A Cup 'a' Joe".

The Health and Wellness industry is on the rise; statistics say it is one of the top dollar money making industries in the world. With all things going Organic or what we call 'Go Green' a national and even international Nutrition Mindedness is on the rise like never before, and with 'times a changin' it is going to increase every year that passes.

Why? Because the mass of humanity is willing to discover anything that will bring wellness to their minds and bodies.

So here it is;

You take Coffee, an astronomical money making industry, then you take Health and Wellness another astronomical money making industry and you put those 2 industries together and what do you get?


Arabica Bean infused with "The Miraculous King of Herbs" called LingZhi aka Red Reishi

The power of Ganoderma

The Future industry that Coffee and Health and Wellness will be striving for through the body and minds of people all over the world!

It's only a matter of time and only a matter of memory of the Future on your part.

It's Genius, but it doesn't take a Genius to get on board; it just takes the truth and a true open minded business individual.

Get your 'Position' of equity NOW. Don't hesitate, for the only thing standing in your way of success in the coffee industry is Fear, fear that you aren't worth it.

Organo Gold Coffee Distributors

Bj and Heather Zelch

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