Bin Laden photos - should they be released?

So "Justice has been dealt". The guy who terrorized one and all - Americans, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghans and more regardless of their faith now lies at the bottom of the ocean. The Navy Seals executed a well practiced plan and fulfilled their objective. Kudos to all involved.
Now comes the guessing and second guessing. Is he really dead? Did our Pakistani buddies know about it or were they just lying and milking the situation for more aid? Would releasing the photos put an end to all of these wandering minds?
All of this controversy is taking away from the key achievement

In a side note, some Kuwaiti newspaper has published a alleged will of Bin Laden. Salient features:
1. His wives cannot remarry 2. His children must not join Al queda. (But the poor hapless minions can blow themselves for a cause he espoused)