Black Friday Shopping Guide for the Super-Frugal

By Galtime's Kristen Hagopian, Author Brilliant Frugal Living

Shopping alternatives for the super frugal. Shopping alternatives for the super frugal. Shopping alternatives for Black Friday

November 23rd, also known as "Black Friday", famously earned its nickname from being the first date on a retailer's calendar year when the accounting books showed a credit in a black ink, rather than a loss in red ink.

Unfortunately for today's consumer, the innocent date that once signified the start of a profitable year for retailers has now seemingly evolved into a full-body contact sport. Once seasoned Black Friday shoppers begin arming themselves with first aid kids and pepper spray, we have a problem!

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If I may, I'd like to suggest an alternative Black Friday routine that will not only keep your sanity and sleep patterns intact, but keep your bank account in tip-top financial shape:

First stop: Your local thrift stores. Hit up the big chains to start. Many Goodwill stores have fantastic Black Friday deals and bargains just waiting for eager shoppers. Have doubts? My past finds include Jimmy Choo boots for $2, Hermes scarves for $5, New York Times' bestsellers for $1, and Baccarat crystal for $10. When you're done, don't forget to stop by your smaller local thrift stores stuffed with incredible bargains on brand names as well. I've found breathtaking antique jewelry sets, picture frames, artwork - you name it, all at incredibly low prices.

Second stop: Your local independent bookstores. Nearly everyone loves receiving books as gifts, so avoid the madhouse of large bookstore chains in favor of marvelous local booksellers in your area. You'll have pride in knowing you're supporting your local small businesses and enjoy a much more relaxing shopping experience.

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Last stop: Your home computer. In the last decade, online sales have skyrocketed and it's not hard to see why. With a few clicks of your mouse, most (if not all) of your holiday shopping list can be handled online in minutes! Your best gift bets include smaller, lightweight items that will make it to your home with little difficulty.

This Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend, may your family and friends be healthy and fabulous, your turkeys tender, and your local thrift stores a holiday gold mine. Happy Holidays!

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