Break out the popcorn and host a film festival in your home

Scilla Andreen wears many hats: mom, entrepreneur, film director, producer and award winning costume designer. Through her latest project, called Film Festival in a Box, Scilla works tirelessly to make people aware of the thousands of independent films that are created each year but never get shared with us. She's changing the way short films are distributed by letting indie filmmakers keep the rights to their movies while also generating revenue for their creative work.

Adrian GillAdrian Gill For us, it's a chance to see "shorts" that very few people outside the film industry get a chance to enjoy. "What I really love about this concept is that you get to see raw talent," says Adrian Gill, who tested Film Festival in a Box for us. The films haven't been sterilized by Hollywood, and their imperfections make them even more engaging.

Buy Popcorn Microwave Popper here.Buy Popcorn Microwave Popper here.We think Film Festival in a Box is a fun, easy way for movie lovers to screen independent films and spark lively, thoughtful discussions and a great excuse to invite friends over, pop some popcorn and play the role of movie critic (for a fun gift idea, you could pair Film Festival in a Box with this really clever popcorn popper).

Indieflix film festival in a box game.Indieflix film festival in a box game.If your book club could use a change of pace, why not mix things up and host a movie night? Each DVD contains four films, each are between 8 and 14 minutes. You can choose from seven genres: Comedies, Love, Fantastical, Chillers, Zombies, Powered by Girls, and Pottymouth Comedies. Then settle in and enjoy the show.

Buy the Indieflix film festival in a box game here.

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