Breaking: Men are from Earth, women are from Earth

These people are happy because they're both from earth and can balance on it like a gender neutral Little Prince. (Thinkstock Images) These people are happy because they're both from earth and can balance on it like a gender …
Settle down. This is just a theory. But one that's been deduced by a woman with a Ph.D in Cognitive Neuroscience. Cordelia Fine debunks the hypothesis that women and men are hard-wired differently from birth in her new book "Delusions of Gender".

The author runs through the various studies on innate gender differences, from the testosterone level theory to the delicate brain tissue suggestion. One famous study, isolated in the New York Times article on Fine's book, compared male and female reactions in newborns. With findings that showed girl babies looked at faces, while boy babies looked at mobiles, the study implied that females are more empathetic while males are more systematic.

B.S. says Fine. She pokes holes in the research and declares "neuro-sexism" on theories of brain differences between the sexes. The nature vs. nurture argument, to her, is a moot point. It's all nurture.

Another book on gender theory? Yeah. And it's kind of a big deal. If we stop blaming chromosomes for driving our interests, then maybe we can even the playing field even more. That means letting boys and girls choose the toys they want to play with, the classes they're expected to thrive in, the fields they want to dominate and without a whole lot hoopla when either sex crosses the gender border.

It also lends more ammo in the effort to even out the playing field in male dominated fields. A 2010 study found a mass exodus of women leaving the engineering field due to poor pay and promotion opportunities. While it's illegal to discriminate based on gender in the workplace, the problems run deeper than the law. They bleed into self-esteem and the way women think about themselves. Fine's assertions of neurological gender equality removes the stigma of being born with a brain hardwired for a different kind of work. Based on her argument, the work is what you make of it.