Brenda's picks: 3 "can't miss" conversations on Shine

I love a good conversation, but if i wasn't on Shine all day what discussions would i join? Luckily, this job allows me a sneak a peek into many dialogues, so here are 3 of my current favorite threads. I included comments from each blog post so you could get an idea of the banter taking place. As always, please respect our Shine Community Guidelines while you here.

Now, click on the title that interests you most and join the fun!

1. The down-and-dirty guide to dating: Jerkiest guy moments

[Brenda's note: Even if you're not up for telling us your jerkiest guy moment, the revealing and hilarious tales from other Shine users will keep you coming back for more. I check this post once a day to read the latest comments because it always makes me laugh.]

"After six months of sleeping together remembered he was still a Jesuit! (oops! my bad! I didn't tell you I was married.... to GOD???!?)"

"While I was dating this jerk he asked my sister out! And I was standing right next to her when he called her!"

"uhmmm how about i was married to one man when i was 19 to 21... i found out he cheated on me. i moved out. filed for divorce, to find out a month later that he had given me herpes. AWESOME."

2. "Sleeping Around": Should parents co-sleep with their kids?

[Brenda's note: I picked this post because the comments are all so valid and each holds such a different viewpoint. As Shine user Beth exclaimed: ""Wow, I'm amazed at the sweeping opinions here". Join this post to tell us your view on the subject.]

"I am all for the family bed. I don't have to defend it, and I won't. IT works for our family and we wouldn't have it any other way"

"Hasn't anyone here seen "Supernanny"? Her jaw would drop if she saw what some of you were posting. No, it is not okay for a child to sleep in their parents' bed on a regular basis. I understand if people are in a bad economic situation. I also think it's okay on occasion. Like the occasional nap or a trip over to the grandparents' (when there's limited sleeping space). Children do need to learn to sleep"

"I am very against co-sleeping...I agree it is ok when they are very small, but when they get to the age of 2 and 3 they should be in their own bed..How is a marriage going to work if there is no adult time ever.."

3. The crunch is on. Advice appreciated.

[Brenda's note: On this post, Shine user Kay asks for motivational advice on getting in shape for her cousin's wedding.]

I know Kay would love suggestions from more Shine users. However, the best comment by far has been: "Basically, you're super cute already.."

How can you not love a suggestion that includes a sweet compliment like that?!