Bride-to-Be's Good Deed Pays off with a Free Wedding and Honeymoon

An Iowa bride-to-be who had to call off her nuptials because of financial troubles is getting a free fairy-tale wedding as a result of good karma.

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It all began in October, when Megan Erickson found the wedding dress of her dreams at Pure Bridal in Ames and made a $100 deposit. But two months later, when her fiancé Jarrod Vancannon, a brick tender, hurt his back on the job, she realized they wouldn’t be able to afford the $1,035 dress—or the wedding itself.

Still, instead of going back to collect her deposit, Erickson told Pure Bridal she wanted to donate it to their next bride-to-be customer. It was all part of a birthday gift for a pal, who asked that, in lieu of gifts, friends do random acts of kindness around town.

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“I could’ve gotten the money back, but I didn’t want to,” Erickson, 24, a stay-at-home mom to a 3-year-old, told Yahoo! Shine. “I just kind of did it on a whim.”

Pure Bridal co-owner Kayse Carter told Shine, “We were completely floored, because we knew how much that $100 meant to her.”

That’s when Kayse and her sister and business partner Rita Gartin hatched an exciting plan: They would donate the dress to Erickson as a reward for her kindness. And not only that—they would approach various wedding vendors in town to see if they’d like to contribute to the couple, too. What resulted was an outpouring of gifts—free wedding rings, DJ, reception venue, photography, cupcakes, flowers and more—that made up one seriously generous wedding package.

To announce the big news to Erickson, Garden and Carter devised a plan that was sure to pack a punch: They invited the bride-to-be to be a model, along with other local women, in the store’s annual fashion show. Then they would stop the event while Erickson was on the runway, and make the big announcement. It worked out just as planned, and Erickson was floored.

“I was speechless, like, deer-in-the-headlights look,” she said. “And my fiancée was involved, too. I’m surprised he kept the secret, because he’s not really good at that. But he did a great job.”

The couple’s wedding, which is the bride's second, is scheduled for July 5 and will be immediately followed by their honeymoon: An all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas.

“We didn’t even know about that part until we saw the certificate in our gift basket on the way home,” Erickson said. “So we got to be surprised all over again.”

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