Bristol Palin is Advocating Abstinence? She has a baby!

Last night I was watching CNN as I usually do, catching up with the latest news throughout the world and the US. On the Larry King Show, Larry was interviewing Levi Johnston. You must know him. He is the father of Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol's son Tripp.

What caught me so off gaurd was a comment that the Palin family's spokesperson gave for Bristol. She states: "Bristol is focused on going to college, raising Tripp and advocating abstinence."


Did Bristol not comment in her interview with Fox News (haha, very funny), abstinence is "not realistic at all."

Hello??? I was a teenage mother... Bristol has a child now. How can she preach abstinence when she herself has produced a life? She understands more than any other girl, abstinence isn't going to happen and look where that thinking has gotten us. She took the path of having sex without protection from babies or STD's and now is facing consequeneces from the decision not to stand up for herself and say,"Put on a condom."

Why is the family spokesperson stating Bristol is advocating abstinence? Bristol has already stated abstinence is not realistic and now she is advocating it? Sarah Palin must be pushing this one. What is so wrong in promoting safe sex? Bristol is still a young woman and at some point the thought of abstinence will fly out the window again. Something very curious is happening in the Palin camp... I can't wait to see what unfolds next.

Did you know half of high school students start having sex by the age of fifteen

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