Can Multiple Wives Get Along?

On Thursday, Anderson continues the conversation with four teenage former members of FLDS, who offer an introspective view of their formerly sheltered lives inside FLDS. The teens also visit sites in New York City, including H&M, Times Square and Ground Zero… and compare what they were taught versus what they have now observed firsthand.

"Sister Wives" husband Kody Brown, his four wives and some of their children also join Anderson to discuss a lawsuit they recently filed against Utah's bigamy law, which makes it a felony to marry or cohabitate with more than one person.

In this clip, Anderson talks about the lawsuit with the Kody Brown family from TLC's show "Sister Wives."

Later in the show, Christine of the TLC show "Sister Wives" talks to Anderson about choosing a polygamist lifestyle.

"We all chose coming into this family, we all chose to be part of this. We knew Kody, we fell in love with him, we fell in love with his family. And so we all chose that, and you talk about how many wives and the number of wives… we're just working on our family, working on what we have. We feel blessed to come together."

An audience member asks Brown how each of his wives gets quality time. Kody says there's a schedule, but that he gets jealous when "they (his wives) have special time without him." Check out Anderson's response...

What do you think? Can polygamy work? Can multiple wives living with one husband really get along?

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