Car Safety

Here where I live, cars have to be safe to survive. Seat belts save lives if in a crash. The number one cause of a crash is a drug or alcohol impaired driver.
Recently my car passed a State Inspection with two bald tires. Yes, with 2 bad tires. I just knew something was wrong.
This caused a potential danger for all people on the roads. So does trash and road debris and broken traffic lights and too many road signs.

I went to a tire place and they said I needed all new tires. I could not afford this. Two were pretty good. They all cost way too much. But what price can you place on another person's life?

I went back to that place that passed my unsafe car.
Are you shocked? You need to be. I told many people without telling the name of that business more than twice. I hope they can see how important their job is before they cause some innocent human's deaths or loss of limbs.

The oil was changed and was not done properly at another place. For a small amount of money, I could have burned up the engine, been stranded on the highway or had an accident.
Oil makes the engine run.

Carry water with you when you travel. It costs about one dollar a gallon. It can save your life and your car's motor. Do not open a hot car's lid inside or you can get burned severely.

If you do not know how to check the oil, find out. Find out the grade and type your car uses.

Brakes are important as are safe tires and proper running condition.

The purpose of a car is to travel safely from point A to point B.

Make sure you have an anti theft device. These cost about 100 dollars and will shut down your car if it is stolen.
Insurance is important. If you are in an accident, you need the required insurance by law. Think about how could you replace your car if it was crashed. With no insurance, you would be afoot.

Fluid levels are important. If a car runs out of coolant, the engine can burn up.

Try buying a car from a reputable dealer first. They will make sure you are happy because they want their reputation to be good.

Title's are a legal document that say who owns a car. If your is lost or stolen. report it to your local police.
Cell phones cause many crashes.
The emergency workers have to clean up the highway debris and make sure you and your family are alive.
If you are in an accident, stop and call for help. There is always a witness or person who is watching. If you leave, you may go to prison. Think about this. Do you want to live in a cage the rest of your life for doing one stupid thing? Would you want someone to leave your injured child, brother or sister alone and not call for help?

Speeding cars kill more people because of the crash impact. You cannot out run a police radio.
If you drive, it is a shared responsibility. Do not tailgate and try to race other drivers because you are having a bad day.
Safety first.